BAMF - dedz


AC- 21 HP- 116 Will- 7 Reflex- 14 Fort- 8

ABA Points: 18


Cora is the name, dont know my last name I was an orphan as long as I can remember and never had much use for one. Life on the streets wasn’t easy alone, but as I grew up I started to notice I had a knack for being stealthy and “Acquiring” goods that people seemed to have an excess of. That knack helped keep me alive in my younger years and later turned to employment with a group of peculiar bandits that guised as street preformers. I was approached by them after I saved one of their youngest members life. I was going through the morning market hoping to snag some breakfast, when a very convienent commotion broke out not to far from me. With a better breakfast than I had hoped for now secured my very grateful stomache decided to see what was going on. As I got closer I could hear a familiar voice and with that a feeling of dread. The voice was none other than one of the most wealthy and notorious merchants in that market. I had on more than one occasion seen him slay helpless children in the street on mere suspicion of stealing his property. Whenever he suspected someone had stolen from him he made it a point to make a very public scene out of it. I suppose he thought it helped deter others from stealing from him or mabey he just really enjoyed causing others pain. Normally I would have left the market at this point I truly despised this man and did not want to see the outcome; but something was different that day mabey my full stomache or mabey enough was enough. He was relentlessly beating a small now very bloody boy as I pushed through the crowd towards him. Then almost as if my body was acting on its own accord with no regard of fear for my life I screamed and charged at with every ounce of strenth I had and then some. I speared him square in the chest, he fell backwards. I’ll never forget the sound his head made as it hit that stone floor. His body moved no more. Never before and never again have I heard that marketplace so quiet. I then scooped up the young boy and ran from the marketplace only now letting my body experience fear for my life. I was able to escaped with the boy unharmed. While resting in a hidden alley I liked to consider my home lost in my thoughts of the mornings events I failed to notice several figures enter my alley. By the time I noticed it was too late I was trapped. I was approached by a man with a gentle voice. The boy I had rescued happened to be his son. He told me he was the leader of a traveling group of preformers thats second profession was to steal from the rich and selfish and give to the poor and needy. Now this was something I could get behind. The man offered to let me join them in gratitude for saving his son. He assured me as long as I was with them I would never have to worry where my next meal would come from and I’d be able to put my abilties to good use rather than for my selfish gain.I accepted his offer and he quickly became a great mentor for me. I was very ambitious to make a difference. I disliked the hardships I had to endure due to our corrupt world and sought to even the odds.
p. After a few years of traveling with them I was out one day and I decieded to head to one of my old stomping grounds. It was a rich part of town that I hadn’t been to in some time but it had a very lucritive past for me and I knew the place like the back of my hand. As i was traveling through a familiar alley I saw a not so familiar door. This peaked my curiosity. A door that did not belong. The door seemed to go to nothing, there could have been no room for anything behind it. So sure enough I had to check this out. I opened the door and to my surpise there was a full room behind it as well as a staircase leading down. I then walked into a strange room that altered my life forever.
p. To my surprise I ended up talking with Torjhidar, one of the few good gods of our realm still alive. He offered me a chance to leave this life of self justified petty crime and to make a real difference in this now quite dark world. Upon exiting the room I was transported to the realm of Ravenloft.


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