The Fractured Realms

The Wait

The Mountain blows up, sky fills with dragons of all colors. Amiss the wings and scales fire and lightning, ice and acid, wind sounding like tornados. I once again loose my brother and sister. Knowing that I have a few weeks to meet up with them, I stop by a monastery for some rest and relaxation. I lean some new skills and then set out again to meet them at the tavern.
While waiting at the tavern I run into Earnest and he warns me about 2 people that might not have pure intentions, A mage named Edwin and a gnome who goes by Gnolagat. But That I needed to cooperate with them for they know the location of a few rod pieces that we need.
As I wait in the tavern for my friends and siblings Gnolagat and Edwin arrive. They match the description I was given so I just sit quietly and observe them. I do not move or introduce myself. Gnolagat immediately went to the bar and started drinking, paying in gold rather then silver. Then bought drinks for the entire tavern that turned them into orcs. After I turn down Gnolagats offer for a drink he can’t seem to understand that I have no need of drink. He keeps asking even after I tell him I’m awaiting friend’s arrival and must keep my wits.
After about an hour after the patrons ran out of the bar in an orcish fassion, the city guard enter and talk with the owner. They seize all 3 of the barrels of ale that seemed to turn everyone a bit orcish. Gnolagat intervenes, with a quick bribe of some gold to the guards; he convinces them to leave the barrels of ale.
Latter that night the gnome convinces the owner that he needs to drink the ale and after about 4 drinks and looking a little tusky HE bashes the door down and runs into the street. A while later Edwin retires for the night. Gnolagat starts going through the rooms in the upstairs. He has a beautiful set of bone lock picks but he broke one trying to break into a locked room. He then found out that the pieces turn into skeletons. When he was being attacked Edwin took control of them a trinket that he “found” with necrotic writings on it. No one with good intentions would ever use undead for there use.
It is now late and my friends and family have still not arrived. Edwin and Gnolagat have now retired for the evening. I find a corner to meditate behind the counter and wait for morning.
The morning is filled with more antics from Gnolagat. A few broken windows, an alarm nothing really entertaining except the gnome trying to play innocent. This is just more proof that Gnolagat is up to no good. We still have no sign of my family or friends. We start asking around in town to see if anyone has seen them. After a few hours we find someone that said they were seen going into a cottage just outside of town. When we get there a sweet lady told use that they were tricked in going into the basement where we found a coffin from a vampire. There is no sign of the vampire or anyone else. Just another reason I dislike the undead.
As I was in checking out the basement my brother was found by Edwin and Gnolagat. We go on without the rest of the group knowing that we need the rod pieces as fast as possible. With some help from Edwin we set out to find the Storyteller.

From Kale Tanner



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