The Fractured Realms

Forward for The Great Markovian Tale by Katrina Goram

The tongueless speaks.

When I first scribed this epic tale I was still in shock. It wasn’t until I had finished and had time to let the experience wash over me that I realized what had taken place. Years ago I was taken from my family and not too long after that I was turned to stone by a powerful Lich. The next moment I knew of my surroundings I was with my father in a most magical and dangerous dungeon. I feel responsible for the death of the Gnomish man, though I know in my heart of hearts that murder was not my intention. What is told in this story is the truth. It is accurate. It is real. The reality of this story, however, does not take away from the incredible talent of The Storyteller that is evident in his work. He wishes to keep all but his name a secret – and I will honor the wishes of the master of dungeons; I will keep my word to the teller of stories.

With this I show my honor to my faith, my cause, my father, my family, and the crew and kingdom of The Page Turner.

If my life gifts me with no other achievements, I can be proud in knowing that I helped spread this great literature.

Divine body, Divine Mind, and Purity of Soul,

- Katrina Goram -



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