The Fractured Realms

Journey up Dragon Mountain as told by Cora.

"Dragon Mountain Accent"

So we continue our perilous journey up the mountain; said to hold our next Rod peice we are seeking. I’m happy to have left behind the pesky, noisy, young Dracos’ or Draco Jr. and Dozer as the young niave one calls him. Man does it get cold up here though not too happy about that. On our way up the mountain we encountered some frosty dragons that ambushed us from below the snow. We were able to slay one but the other two managed to escape after my failed attempt at bargaining with one of them.Of course not before scooping up (the character that doesnt exist atm but might, possibly, apparently, hypothetically, in a manner, in a sense, on paper, probably, suppositionally, assumably, doubtlessly, hypothetically, in all likelihood, in all probability, indubitably, it would seem, most likely, on the face of it, presumptively, seemingly, supposedly, surely, theoretically, and, unquestionably, be named Leera) the little niave girl unfortunetly. So at this point we quite possibly have an Sadistic Ogre Mage, and an Magicly Protected Undead Abomination on our trail and we lost the little boy Peter was protecting, the monkey Ziff, my Shade, and now her too! Man if we switched our game up and took jobs or quest involving losing things or people I’d bet we’d all be retired by now. I mean we only lost Shawna Mae like 5 times. This land twists and turns everything against you here, it truly is a dark place. Luckly for our little niave companion she managed to get saved by a brass dragon, (Pun not intended!) with a temperament of pretentiousness that I would say rivals the Treetop Tricksters’. But who am I to judge, we got the little one back safely thanks to this dragon. I’m looking forward to getting some rest, at least we have a safe haven for the eve. Tommorow shall be interesting for we shall be entering the Red dragons lair.



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